Phil 10: Introduction to Logic

Summer session 1, 2018 • University of California, San Diego

Instructor: Jason Winning      Lecture place/time: WLH 2111, MW 11–12:50 pm
Email:      Office hours place/time: HSS 7059, by appt.
TA: Ayoob Shahmoradi      TA office hours place/time: HSS 7043, W 2:00–3:00 pm
TA email:     
Section A01 Meeting place/time:      WLH 2115, MW 10–10:50 am
Section A02 Meeting place/time:      WLH 2115, MW 3–3:50 pm
Final place/time:      WLH 2111, Friday, 8/3/18, 11:30–2:29 pm

Course Description

This course will introduce students to logic, the study of reasoning.

Required Texts

The book Basic Sentential Logic, Informal Fallacies, and Cognitive Biases (BSIC), by Rick Grush, is the only required book. The book contains all of the readings for the course, as well as sample exams (with solutions). Additional practice exercises will be made available electronically on TritonEd.

Course Mechanics

Lectures and Discussion: I lecture with slides. The slides will be used to focus discussion and organize complex material; they are not a substitute for the readings. The slides will be made available on TritonEd a few days after lecture. Students are expected to take careful notes and will be held responsible for the material discussed in class not found on the slides or in the readings.

Exams: Usually, there will be an exam at the beginning of each Monday class (see schedule below).

Reading Assignments: Students are required to read each selection prior to class. You should take notes while reading, keeping track of questions or issues that arise. You should bring both the reading and the notes/questions to class.


Participation credit is determined by attendance. Attendance will be taken at unannounced times of my choosing (not just at the beginning of class).

The exams will be very closely modeled after the practice exams in the book. Exams 1 through 4 will cover chapters 1 through 4, respectively. The final exam will be comprehensive. 60% of the points on the final will be devoted to chapters 1 through 4; the remaining 40% will be devoted to chapters 5 and 6.

Course Policies

Discussion Sections:Discussion sections attendance is optional. You will be expected to participate in class during the lectures.

Academic Integrity: Students in this class are expected to complete their own work on all in-class exams and the final exam, and not copy from other students or any other source, nor allow other students to copy from them. This sort of copying is plagiarism and constitutes a violation of class and University academic integrity policy. All suspicions of academic misconduct will be reported to the Academic Integrity Office according to university policy. If you have questions concerning academic misconduct it is your responsibility to ask me for advice.

Tentative Reading Schedule (subject to change)